Lockdown or No Lockdown: Voice of People

The COVID 19 pandemic upended life for a large majority of Indians across geographies. Many companies shut operations with the workers and employees being left to fend for themselves. For Indians, the economic impact of the virus had led to new categorizations of “essential” workers, a large scale move to remote work and layoffs, salary-cuts had become common.  This compounded with one of the harshest lockdowns witnessed anywhere In the world, meant that people were unable to access even basic necessities required for survival. Today, the nation is witnessing a lockdown situation again. Many states have already started periodic lockdowns.

In this backdrop, MarketGenics India Pvt Ltd decided to shoot a question amongst general public using 2 methodologies. 

1) Question was posted on social media 

2) CATI method was applied,  keeping a fair representation on Gender.

Overall we have achieved a sample of 510, with no constraint to boundaries. 

Survey dates: 26-04-2021 to 2-05-2021

POLL QUESTION: “ Do you think lockdown is the only solution to bring down Covid 19?”


Majority of public still thinks that lockdown is the only option to curve down the impact of Covid-19 – Higher support from female on this

Covid Lockdown

NLP summary on spontaneous responses

  • Given herewith are across question, count of negative positive and neutral responses received across the total sample size
  • As is visible, all response have generated highly positive responses followed by neutral responses and very few negative responses
  • Subjectivity Polarity analysis analyses all responses and assesses each response on how subjective (value/ opinion based) or objective (universal truth or information based) it is and what is polarity (ie., how much negative or positive the response is
  • Distribution seen above indicates that it is spread across subjective and objective across responses while it is mostly positive on polarity
  • Although there are some outliers too
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Voice of People

Lockdown or No Lockdown People Speak

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