Importance of Face to Face

What is Face to Face Survey?

A  face-to-face survey is a research method of collecting data  in which the targeted audience is connected directly and interviews are conducted face to face or personally and the behavior and responses of the participants are recorded to obtain more information. 

It is a comm0n method of doing research by many researchers as they get a chance to to observe the study population or respondents closely which can help in analyzing their responses in=depth.

Types of Face to Face Surveys

Surveys in public places, open, crowded places: Such type of surveys are usually conducted in shopping malls, shopping streets, parks, in fairs and events and other open and crowded spaces. This is one of the best ways to get quick responses through face to face interviews. 

Door-to-door surveys: With this type of survey, responses are obtained by visiting the respondents house to house. Such type of surveys are popular in remote areas where there is poor or no Internet connection. 

Advantages of face to face surveys

  • Accurate responses : When you conduct a F2F survey, there is no scope of getting false information related to age, gender or geographic location of the respondents. In many cases, it is seen that in online surveys, many respondents give false information to receive an incentive. 
  • Detailed responses:  The researcher gets a chance to obtain more detailed answers which fulfils his or her object of study. 
  • Behavior of the participants: Such type of surveys allow the researcher to observe in detail the body language, behavior and verbal responses of the participants, to analyze their responses in a better way. You as an interviewer get a deeper insight into the response by analyzing these behaviors and attitudes. 
  • Increases response rate : Another advantage of conducting a face to face survey is that interviewer can obtain a higher level of response rate.
  • Honest responses: Last but not the least, in face to face surveys, the participants feel more connected to the researcher, and give more honest, genuine responses. They are more focused to the questionnaire without any distractions. They can also answer long open-ended questions face to face.

Importance of conducting a F2F survey

  • Conducting a face-to-face survey allows researchers to  dig deeper into the responses obtained, and at the same time analyzing attitudes, which helps to prepare a relevant market report.
  • This method of data collection tends is usually very popular, inspite of being time consuming. 
  • The responses collected are often truthful and specific. 
  • It is also a cheap mode of collecting data. . 


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