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Market-G Online Survey App – Your Opinion Matters – Fill Surveys, Give your Opinion and Get Rewards at the Comfort of your Home is one of the fastest growing research companies in the country, offering end-to-end research services.

Considering the fact that people’s opinion matters for any new product or service or for any new up-dations in existing products or services, MarketGenics connect with real customers at the real time. As a research organization, with our database of more than 5 lakh panelists, our data collection methods include online surveys, tele-calling and face-to-face interviews.

Market-G – Our in-house app to connect the world for Research

Surveys are helpful in connecting with a larger population for an accurate feedback. No other research method can provide this broad capability, which provides a more correct sample to accumulate targeted results, on the basis of which corrective decisions can be made.

The company is now in its expansion mode of connecting with more number of people all across the country to do industry specific online surveys as and when required. Considering this fact in mind, we have launched our mobile app Market-G.

How Market-G is different from other survey apps?

  • AI-Driven technology to connect the right respondents
  • Inbuilt tool to create surveys and do a basic analysis and reporting
  • Auto-updates in NCCS & SEC profiles
  • PAN India reach with a plan to expand Globally within 12 months
  • Ability to conduct both Quantitative and Qualitative studies
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Benefits for clients who intend to do market surveys

We create profiles of our panelists on the basis of different categorizations required in Market Research. This includes the following:

  • Name, age, sex, phone number, location, education, occupation, marital status, including their likes, interests, household income, monthly income, and related requirements specific to a study.
  • This way, the right survey goes to the right set of panelists to give a honest review of a product or service.
  • We are covering all sections of people and cities/towns – Tier 1, 2, 3 and Sec A /Sec B/Sec C profiles
  • We give a chance to our panelists to change their profiles as and when there is a change in their profile, be it their marital status or occupation or anything else.
  • There is also the option of creating dynamic surveys as per the requirement of the client. We create our own questionnaire for the surveys
  • Also, the app has the option of incorporating third-party survey links.

Benefits of panelists

Our researchers are looking for respondents, tele-callers, data entry operators, researchers PAN India, irrespective of gender, background, demography, profession.

This is the first of its kind platform where each and every respondent, irrespective of their background get a chance to participate and give their valuable insights of a product or service with the help of the Market-G app. 

Who can join us?

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Students, Housewives, Professionals, Workers, Retired People, Non-working Individuals,  Handicapped Individuals – all can be a part of our RESEARCH Panel. Get notifications of surveys which are apt as per your profile. Interesting remuneration/gift vouchers for each survey completed. You can also get bonus reward points when you refer our app to others. Not only survey jobs, you can also be a part of MarketGenics’ team by participating in focus group discussions or in-depth interviews .

How to Join?

All you need is to download the Market-G app from the Playstore on your mobile. Register on the app and share your details. Your profile will be stored in our database. As soon as there is a survey suitable to your profile, you will get a notification with the survey link. You fill the survey and get paid either in cash or gift vouchers, as per your choice. It is simple and easy.


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