A 7-step guide
for an Effective Market Research

 There’s no denying the fact that organizations that  make maximum use of data are  doing better than everybody else.

This is the reason businesses of all sizes can’t afford to ignore when it comes to market research. For capturing the market,  increasing sales, or improving customers’ experience, there is the need for accurate information to help you and this is possible through data-driven insights. 

For many, the entire research process seems to be very complex. and hence they ignore it. But, to scale your business for growth, here’s a 7-step guide you can use for a successful business research

1. Identify the problem

This is the conceptualization stage, and can be considered as the trickiest stage in the research process. It is not always easy to zero down the problem and decide on what you need to focus on. This is when your  team should brainstorm and look closely at the issues the company is facing. 

Identify the problem

2. Take the help of market research experts.

If you do not have an in-house team of researchers, you can get professional help from outside. A proper market research company like marketgenics.co which provides end-to-end market research services is in a better position to guide you.

Market Research Experts

3. Now your professional experts determine the research design.

The research design is the blueprint of the project. It chooses all the methods that will be used for collecting, organizing, and analyzing data. Identify all possible information sources, how to extract data from different sources.

Research Design

4. The next step is to decide on the research instruments.

The research instruments refer to the mechanisms that you need to gather data. There are a variety of methods like as surveys and interviews, which can be done face-to-face, online, or over the phone). There are focus group discussions, opinion polls. These are primary data. You may also collect data from secondary sources such as case studies, market reports, and company records. 

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Research Instruments

5. Now is the time to accumulate all data in one place and then analyze.

Data collection and analysis are the most important aspects and can be considered as the core of the research process. A dedicated team of researchers is required ensure the integrity of the results. 

6. The results need to be communicated now.

Communicating the study’s results is very important. The insights must reach your company’s key decision makers. This will enable them to improve the business processes. Communicating the results include the following: 

•     documenting results and writing reports
•     creating presentations
•     highlighting the most significant findings
•     communicating salient insights to the right people

Communicating the Results

7. Convert your data insights into effective strategies.

A business strategy becomes more powerful when it is a data-driven one. It takes a lot of creativity and resourcefulness to design a business plan using the data insights you have collected through market research. If it is done in the right way, you will definitely gain the competitive advantage  to outshine your competitors.

Data Insights

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