Top 6 Tips for Creation
Poll Questions

Collecting correct information can be a challenging task, but knowing your audience will help in the long run. Writing good poll questions like an art form, where you can get accurate  information from your respondents in a short period of time .

Giving below some practical tips for creating a poll:

  1. The questions should be direct ones and multiple-choice questions: Multiple-choice questions give the participant a chance to see all the options available and can make the correct choice out of the options given, making their task easy. 
  2. Prefer to frame the questions in a simple way: Make your questions a simple. Dont use jargon and hi-fi words that common men donot understand. The best poll questions should be easily understood by the reader. Complicated words can create confusion, which leads to response bias.
  3. Do not use double barrel questions: Including double-barrel items make it more confusing.  These occur when a question has multiple subjects, yet has only one answer. For example, “Should the Government spend less on the healthcare and more on education?” Since, both are important, it becomes difficult for the respondent to answer. Is the respondent opinionated about one subject and not the other? Instead, split the questions into 2 and ask two separate questions to get the most accurate answers. The best way to ask the above question: “Should the Government spend less on Healthcare?” Followed up by “Should the Government spend more on Education?”
  4. Find the right sample size : Generally speaking, opt for a small sized population. As the sample size decreases, there are less chances of errors. 
  5. Find the right platform to ask your questions: Now that is most important requirement. On which platform, do you want to conduct the poll? Social Media, Telephonic or Face to Face.  Online surveys are often a great way to get the most accurate results across different profiles and geographies.
  6. Follow a flow while preparing the poll questions: You poll questions should follow a particular order which is essential to give a sense of flow to the survey. Always rank your questions from simple concepts to complex ones.
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