5 Reasons Why
Surveys Should be Voice Enabled

Voice technology is increasingly changing the way that we interact with our technological devices, transforming the way that we use the Internet, do online searches, purchase online and finish tasks . Nowadays, most consumers use the voice more in their smart devices to interact. Almost all age groups’ people use their voice to interact with technology daily.  So far, the market research industry has been slow to adopt this trend, but its high time why voice technology should be used in market research data collection like as surveys.

Here are 5 Reasons Why Surveys should be Voice Enabled:

1. Its more convenient for People to talk rather than text

Voice interactions are the most natural and efficient way to communicate. We can communicate freely while at the same time being engaged  in other activities such as exercising, driving or doing household chores. So, when a survey is conducted, it becomes more easy for people to voice in their responses instead of typing the responses. Such a comfort means allowing people to give longer, more in-depth responses, especially on mobile. 

2. Voice Data is Convenient to Collect

Time is important and in our subconscious mind, we always have that thought in our mind as to are we wasting our time. We will literally do anything to save even a few minutes each day and voice technology makes answering surveys easier and faster. Respondents can participate in market research wherever and whenever they like, just by speaking freely into their device. And the data gets automatically recorded. 

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3. True responses

Our speech is the most powerful way of expressing ourselves. Voice reveals true human emotions and behavior. So, when a market survey is conducted through voice technology, people say whatever that comes to mind and this becomes the most unbiased and true response. Voice-based analytics can predict intended consumer behavior.

4. Qualitative data

In the fast-paced world of real-time, voice-based surveys help to get real responses, that too, Qualitative responses through authentic voices. It enables marketers to prioritize customer’s wants, needs and desires and to make the right decisions based on that feedback.

5. Preventing Fraud in Market Research

Trusting the respondents’ quality is of great importance for successful market research. Voice records confirm that participants are genuine, help prevent fraud, and the reduce the effects bots can have on results.

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