Clothing Brand Review:
A Comprehensive Qualitative Study

Clothing Brand Review: A Comprehensive In-Depth Interview Study by MarketGenics


MarketGenics was assigned a market research study of  reviewing a reputable men’s clothing brand. The goal was to connect with male respondents from four zones that included Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Delhi NCR, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Gujarat, and Bihar. The focus was on people who had recently worn the brand or planned to buy it.

Research Methodology: Qualitative Research

In-Depth Interviews were conducted with the respondents by MarketGenics‘ interviewers. We adopted an end-to-end in-depth interview approach, encompassing every step from preparing the questionnaire to conducting the interviews and compiling the final report. The primary goal was to garner comprehensive reviews of the clothing brand.

Marketgenics' Clothing Brand Review - A Qualitative Study

Work Process


  • Questionnaire Development: Our team methodically created a questionnaire that was accepted by the client.
  • Respondent Selection: We used our huge database to find and contact potential respondents, ensuring they fit the criteria of having worn or planning to purchase the brand.


  • Appointments: Our tele-callers booked interviews with individuals in various states at their convenient time.
  • Team Leadership: Each zone was assigned a team leader who served as both the interviewer and moderator.
  • Quality Assurance: A client team member was present during the interviews to confirm their quality and relevance.
  • In-Depth Interviews: Each interview lasted one hour, giving plenty of opportunity to go into specific feedback on the apparel brand.

Data Collection and Reporting

  • Response Analysis: The interview replies were extensively studied.
  • Market Research Report: We collated the findings and prepared a thorough market research report for the customer.
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Success Story

Our meticulous planning, flawless execution, and extensive reporting guaranteed that the project was finished on time. The client received useful input that would help improve their brand strategy and market placement.

MarketGenics takes pleasure in providing accurate and relevant market research. Our skill in conducting in-depth interviews guarantees that clients gain relevant insights that are specific to their needs. If you’re seeking for comprehensive market research solutions, MarketGenics is there to help.

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