Medical transcription is a specialized form of transcription wherein the audio/video is of medical and health domain. Quality is a very essential parameter in medical transcription as a slight error can prove to be highly lethal. At MarketGenics, we offer high quality medical transcription services through professional transcriptionists and reviewers.

MarketGenics is committed to providing high-quality medical transcription services, with the help of our experienced transcriptionists to ensure a flawless transcribed document. Our team of proficient transcriptionists provide medical transcripts of the best quality, on-time, and at competitive price. The medical transcription team at MarketGenics can confidently assure you truly excellent services with word-to-word exact reproduction of audio records. 

Why Us?

  • Error-free transcribed documents.
  • Competitive transcription rates.
  • Total accountability for services and support.
  • Flexibility on medium for transcription. (Digital, Audio, Video or call-in system)
  • Share your source file with us and we shall revert with a flawless transcript
  • Timely delivery
  • We understand your privacy requirements and never share your project details .

Medical Transcription

Quality Assurance

Its a 3-tier quality assurance process for medical transcription works at MarketGenics. 

  • Your source file is transcribed by a professional medical transcriptionist. The transcription is carried out by professional experts who have years of experience in medical domain.
  • This is then reviewed by another expert so as to ensure accuracy.
  • Finally the transcribed document is reviewed for consistency by our QA team.

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