Address verification study for a
cosmetic brand

Enhancing Market Insights: Address Verification Study for a Cosmetic Brand


In the dynamic world of cosmetics, understanding customer preferences and retail distribution is essential for success. MarketGenics  conducted an address verification study for a renowned cosmetic brand, aiming to identify loyal customers and retailers across 35 different cities. This blog post delves into the research methodology employed, highlighting the significance of accurate data collection in gaining valuable market insights.

Research Methodology:

To ensure comprehensive data collection, MarketGenics adopted a two-phase approach: fieldwork and questionnaire method. This combination allowed for physical verification of addresses and in-depth customer and retailer interactions. This allowed for physical verification of addresses and in-depth customer and retailer interactions.

Address Verification Study for a Cosmetic Brand

Phase 1 – Photographic evidence 

MarketGenics deployed a team of experienced surveyors to personally visit the provided addresses in each of the 35 cities. The primary objective was to physically verify the addresses and capture photographic evidence of both customer residences and retailer shops. This step was crucial in ensuring the accuracy and reliability of the collected data.

Phase 2 – Questionnaire and Customer/Retailer Engagement

Once the address verification was completed, the surveyors engaged in brief discussions with the customers and retailers. These interactions lasted for approximately 1-2 minutes and focused on gathering insights related to cosmetics and personal-care brands. The surveyors asked targeted questions about the client’s cosmetic items and the respondents’ preferences. The collected information was meticulously recorded by the surveyors, ensuring the highest level of data accuracy.

Success Story : Timely Completion and Quality Assurance

MarketGenics was given a deadline of 4 days to complete the project. Thanks to the efficiency and dedication of our team, we successfully met the timeline with 100% quality assurance. The combination of fieldwork and questionnaire methods allowed us to gather accurate data within the given timeframe, ensuring the project’s success.

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Importance of Address Verification Studies

Address verification studies play a pivotal role in the cosmetics industry. By physically verifying customer addresses and capturing photographic evidence, brands can ensure that their marketing efforts are targeted towards the right audience. Additionally, accurate data collection enables brands to gain valuable insights into customer preferences, allowing for more effective product development and marketing strategies.


MarketGenics’ address verification study for a cosmetic brand exemplifies the importance of accurate data collection and customer engagement. By employing a combination of fieldwork and questionnaire methods, we successfully verified addresses, gathered valuable insights, and met the project deadline. Our commitment to quality assurance ensures that our clients receive accurate and actionable data for informed decision-making.

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