Address verification for a
cosmetic brand

  • Address verification study for a cosmetic brand
  • Research method: Fieldwork & questionnaire method

The Project Details

This study was to find out customers who are using a particular cosmetic brand and retailers who are selling products of this cosmetic brand. 35 different cities needed to be covered for the study.

The client provided the list of contact details of customers of 35 cities with their name, phone number, and complete address. MarketGenics team needed to physically verify each address, click a photo of the residence (of customers) and the shop (of retailers). In the second phase, few questions needed to be answered by the customers and retailers.

Research Methodology: Fieldwork & Questionnaire method

In the first phase, it was a fieldwork survey job where our team members based in these 35 cities made a personal visit to the addresses provided. Photo Verification as a proof was a must.

In the second phase, once the address was verified with the right customer and the right retailer, there was a 1-2 minute discussion with him or her. Our experienced surveyors for this project asked few questions related to cosmetics/personal-care brands that the respondents are using, including questions related to the client’s cosmetic items. The details were then filled in by the surveyor. Both the phases of the survey were expected to be done at the same day of visit. MarketGenics was given 4 days to complete the project and thankfully, our team met the timeline with 100% quality assurance.

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