Top 9 Benefits of
Concept Test

A concept test can help in saving lot of your time and money to get your ides right. A concept test helps in refining a product/service/concept/design on the basis of getting feedback directly from the end customers or target market.

What is concept test?

Whether you are launching a new product or service or whether you want to modify your present product or service, it is always beneficial to go for a concept testing. With concept testing, you have an idea on the requirement of your customer segments and gain valuable insights of your product or idea. Concept testing is defined as a research methodology that involves asking prospective customers questions related to your concepts and ideas of a product or service before actually launching it. Whether you want to test a single concept, or compare different concepts , it is better to execute it beforehand to avoid mistakes. When you get an accurate feedback. it becomes easy for you to modify and improve the concept. Basically in concept test, you evaluate whether your idea is feasible or not and how you can improve your idea to meet the expectations of the customers. Concept testing is done both with online surveys as well as qualitative research (such as focus groups or in-depth interviews).

Benefits of concept testing

  1. With concept test, you know what your customers want. Only customers can determine whether an idea will succeed, or will it crash and fail. The insights gathered using concept testing will help to launch effective and successful products or services.
  2. The idea that you have in your mind gets the pathway to be developed and to be launched as per customers’ input with concept test.
  3. With concept testing, you get an idea about the potential of your market. Sometimes, it is important to know whether you have a niche product or a regular product to make decisions on further investment.
  4. If your idea is absolutely rejected by your target audience, which you get to know through concept test, you can eliminate the idea completely and come up with a new concept which is feasible and accepted.
  5. You can also determine the value of concept’s features and benefits. Knowing what your customers like or dislike about your new concept can help you to understand your product and launch it in a better way.
  6. A concept test can also help you to identify the highest potential customer segments, which can be your loyal customer in the future.
  7. You can also scale up production of the new product or new services depending on customers’ feedback through a concept test.
  8. Based on concept test, you can also plan your marketing campaign for launch.
  9. Post product launch, a concept test further helps in improving the product/service and refine your marketing plans post launch.

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