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The method of recruiting focus groups is similar to many other types of qualitative market research. Qualitative research is an efficient method to explore perceptions, mindsets, and the decision-making process of respondents/participants. Whether it is a focus group or an in-depth interview, qualitative research definitely gives a better output as compared to the common forms of quantitative research. However, the selection of rights sets of participants is crucial.  

MarketGenics follow a 5-step process to find high-quality participants:

Step #1: Online screener

MarketGenics has a database of more than 2 lakh panelists/respondents/freelancers PAN India. For any focus group requirement, we first start churning our respondents from our online database to form a pool of potentially qualified participants. The target audience requirement is set and accordingly, with the help of our in-house App, we get the right set of audience. The other option is to get respondents through advertisement  via social media. In both these recruitment methods, we get the target audience as per gender, age, household income, purchasing history, etc. given by the client. Here we get a a list of prequalified participants . 

Step #2: Phone call follow up☎️

Once we get the list of pre-qualified participants,  our recruitment team starts connecting them on phone. 

During this call for online remote focus group, our team keeps in mind the following

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  • Confirm the major qualifying criteria. 
  • Ask open-ended questions to assure whether the participant is an exact fit for the online focus group.
  • Provide clear instructions for the online focus group.

Step #3: Include critical details ✔️

We also make sure the participant has either a laptop, desktop, smartphone, or tablet with a webcam and microphone and internet access.  The participant is not selected if he or she does not have any such equipment. 

Step #4: More follow-ups to fix up date and time of interview

Once a participant is qualified and registered, we give him or her a clear explanation of exactly how the online focus group will work. We fix up the date and time of the group discussion. We also explain to them the steps to access the zoom meet or other online meeting technology.

We also explain the logistics such as:

  • The software they will be using
  • Sharing test links
  • How participants should join the group
  • When/how they’ll receive payment

Step #5: A reminder call just before the meeting

On the day of the meeting, we give them a reminder call to assure their presence and share the link to join the focus group and give them information on any last minute changes or terms and conditions

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These reminders are essential to get a perfect response of a focus group discussions. 

Connect with us for your online focus group discussions
✅We recruit the right participants
✅We have our in-house moderator to conduct the discussion
✅Record the meeting
✅Transcribe the discussion
✅Generate a report
✅Use the data to make a plan of action

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