Top 6 tools to generate
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When you create content for your blog, do you follow any strategy? Most businesses have their official website and a blog, which is one of the best ways to keep your site dynamic, while almost all other pages remain static. Regardless of what you write about, be it for the industry domain you are working with or your personal blog related to health, travel or anything, there is no way you can avoid competition. Needless to say, you definitely need your blog to stand out from the rest and give the best results to your content marketing efforts.

Do you have a strategy in place for creating content that engages with your end audience?

Do you know, there are certain tools/websites available that can actually help you in your content to get overwhelming responses from your readers? These tools can actually help improve your content quality, increase the number of visits, increase engagement, and help you to face the real competition. So, let’s get to know these tools ….




One way of engaging with the audience is to write the right content on the right topic at the right time and with quality. For example, if you are working for a digital marketing company, your blog should have content related to digital marketing, which itself is a huge category and has end number of topics to write on. But, if your blog branch out into other topics or rather we say “off topics”, it will impact the overall quality of the website as well as your blog. BuzzSumo is one such tool that helps you to write on the perfect topic related to your industry, with a large number of highest quality content ideas, which actually helps you to stay on the present topic.  Using this tool, you actually know where and what to start and at the same time, your content connects to the target audience with the information they are looking for. It’s very simple to use, where you get a variety of data, including a list of the top performing content marketing strategy measured by social media shares.

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HubSpot Blog Topic Generator


Are you running out of ideas to write on your blog? It becomes extremely difficult to write on engaging topics regularly, with something unique to read on for each blog post. HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator is a high powered tool to generate new ideas for your blog. All that is to be done is to fill the search tab with some relevant keywords related to your business and you get a whole list of blog post titles, which are latest ones. The blog title itself gives you an idea on what to write next. This tool helps to generate basic ideas and if something does not turn up as per your requirement, you can search a different set of keywords


Answer the Public


To write more interesting or relevant topics to your audience, one more popular tool is Answer the Public. This is a keyword research tool, where when you search for any keyword or topic, brand or product, and you get a list of questions pertaining to that keyword. You can discover what people are asking about on this tool. This is one of the best ways to explore an untapped resource of varied content ideas. The questions related to your keyword are displayed in a wheel format that begins with “wh-question” words. If you are not comfortable reading in the wheel format, you can always choose to view your results in a data format. The basic objective of Answer the Public tool is to answer questions that your end users ask, which in turn helps in your content writing and marketing.

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Google Trends


Google Trends – one of the oldest and still popularly used tool to know the latest keywords trends. It was launched way back in 2006 but still in use to show search interest trends over time. The tool helps to analyze the popularity of top search queries in Google Search. You get to know what searches and stories are trending now. Another benefit of Google Trends is that as a writer of your blog, you can compare the relative search volume of searches between two or more terms. It thus guides your with your keyword research and сontent marketing strategy.




Last but not the least, there is Ubersuggest, which is another great keyword research tool. It helps you generate keyword ideas for your blog and thereby helps in your content marketing strategy and production. With appropriate keywords, you can have a good chance of getting your blog a good ranking. For a content writer, finding the right keywords that relate to your blog, your product, business or brand, is very helpful to make your content popular. You can also type in your competitor’s domain on the search bar to get better keyword ideas. Simply by using Ubersuggest, you can generate thousands of content ideas.

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