How brands set themselves
apart from others
– Top tricks used by 5 brands

Brands set themselves apart from competitors by using a variety of strategies to establish their unique identity and positioning.

Brand Identity by Brands

Here are the top tricks used by five brands to set themselves apart from others:



a) Innovative Design: Apple products are known for their sleek and elegant design, which sets them apart from their competitors. 

b) User Experience: Apple focuses on providing a seamless and intuitive user experience across its devices, creating a loyal customer base. 

c) Brand Storytelling: Apple effectively uses storytelling in its marketing to create an emotional connection with customers, emphasizing their values of simplicity, creativity, and empowerment.


a) Strong Brand Identity: Nike has a powerful and recognizable brand identity with its iconic “swoosh” logo and inspiring slogan, “Just Do It.” 

b) Endorsements and Sponsorships: Nike collaborates with top athletes and sports teams, associating its brand with excellence and performance. 

c) Social Activism: Nike’s campaigns often tackle social issues, taking a stand on topics like equality and diversity, resonating with consumers who value socially responsible brands.


a) Emotional Branding: Coca-Cola has mastered the art of evoking emotions through its marketing campaigns, associating the brand with happiness, togetherness, and celebration. 

b) Consistent Branding: Coca-Cola has maintained a consistent brand image and messaging over the years, establishing itself as a timeless and trusted brand. 

c) Iconic Packaging: The distinct contour bottle shape and the classic red and white logo have become iconic symbols associated with Coca-Cola, setting it apart on store shelves.

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a) Cutting-Edge Technology: Tesla’s focus on electric vehicles and sustainable energy sets it apart from traditional car manufacturers, appealing to environmentally conscious consumers. 

b) Disruptive Innovation: Tesla has disrupted the automotive industry with its advanced autonomous driving technology, creating a sense of excitement and anticipation among consumers. 

c) Direct-to-Consumer Model: By selling directly to consumers and bypassing traditional dealerships, Tesla has streamlined the car-buying process, offering a unique and convenient experience.


a) Unique Marketplace: Airbnb created a unique platform that connects travelers with local hosts, offering a more personalized and authentic travel experience compared to traditional hotels. 

b) Community Building: Airbnb focuses on fostering a sense of community among its hosts and guests, encouraging interactions and sharing of local knowledge. 

c) User Reviews and Trust: By implementing a robust review system and verification processes, Airbnb has built trust and reliability within its platform, setting it apart from other accommodation options.

These brands employ various strategies to differentiate themselves, whether through design, user experience, branding, innovation, social activism, or unique business models, ultimately creating a distinct identity in the minds of consumers.


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